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Aquarius women have birthdays from January 20 to February 19.
They are ambitious and strive to be socially prominent, preferring to associate with prosperous people of refinement and culture. They have graceful manners and good common sense and do not engage in vulgar talk or arguments. They are witty and bright conversationalists yet they are also sympathetic listeners. They thoroughly enjoy being in groups of people or belonging to clubs. However, they must take care and avoid becoming self-centered.
These women are clear reasoners and have the gift of explaining a subject so that it is easily comprehended by others. Their active, inquisitive minds are always acquiring all types of knowledge from every available source. Aquarius women have excellent memories, but they often remember a face better than a name. Their methods of persuasion are also most convincing, almost as if they have a hypnotic power that enables them to easily influence, or "see through," other people. They can readily adapt themselves and bring peace and calm to all circumstances, even emergencies. These traits are beneficial in many lines of work, including education, medicine, and social work. However, their unconventional ways usually keep them from assuming positions of leadership.
At one time in their lives, some Aquarius women may lead a bohemian or hippie lifestyle. These original thinkers have a strong will, and enjoy doing the unexpected. Conventional thinking means little to these women. They are often radical in their opinions and ideas, and care little for customs or precedents. Because something has never been done before, or always has been done a certain way, is no reason that it shouldn't be done differently. Being punctual and keeping their appointments as scheduled are traits that these women must work to achieve because, deep down, being on time is not important to them. They are quick to grasp an opportunity and "run with it." However they channel their minds - art, religion, politics, sports, etc. - Aquarius women are likely to be fanatical and radical.
Marriage should be delayed until they are settled in life. They are faithful and devoted wives who enjoy their homes.
When disappoints come their way they do not lash out with revenge, complaints, or bitterness. Instead, they retire more closely into their own consciousness, for their true peace and happiness comes from within.
These women can be high-strung and must guard against emotional and nervous disorders. Employment they enjoy and pleasant surroundings at home and at work are essential for their mental health. If they do not surround themselves with peaceful, calm people they are prone to health problems associated with nervous tension. Fresh air and plenty of exercise, along with a healthful diet, helps them avoid excessive stress.
Many wonderful possibilities are available to Aquarius women, but it often takes a strong inducement to get them to realize their full potential. They dream of magnificent accomplishments, but may find the dreaming easier than the doing. They must learn to believe in themselves and act firmly and consistently in all matters. When they master their faults, they are very honest, gentle, and kindhearted women who lived active and industrious lives.