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Aquarius information: Being born under the sign of Aquarius are the birth dates of January 21st through February 19th. The star’s name is Altair also known as Al Tair or the Eagle.
Aquarius women are born between January 20 and February 19. They are strong willed and often have unconventional, or hippie, lifestyles for a part of their lives. Their soothing mannerisms bring peace and calm to others in their time of need.
Information about the sign Aries.
Aries the leader, the Enthusiast, the Pioneer, the Warrior, and the Competitor. Aries is a fire sign and their Ruling planet is Mars.
A bigfoot sighting in the mountains of northern California while on a camping trip.
Cancer is the sign of the crab. The birth dates for being born as a Cancer would be June 22nd through July 22nd. Learn more information about the cancer.
Information about the sign Capricorn. Being born under the sign of Capricorn has the birth dates of December 22nd through January 20th. The star’s name is Polis.
Learn how to contact spirits. The first time you encounter a fairie or a spirit guide, will be an experience you are unlikely to ever forget.
Meditation for beginners: Meditation is a great way to relax and promote a positve attitude in your everyday life. It helps to give you an overall sense of well being, and keeps you healthy.
Great English hot puds recipe! English cookery is famous for its desserts, especially steamed puddings and hot souffles. Enjoy these favorites flavored with apple, date, orange, lime and clotted cream.
Information about the Gemini sign of the zodiac, the sign of the lovers.
The function and maintenance of the human aura and details on how to strengthen the aura and become more aware of it and its necessity in our lives.
An article telling the basics of how to clean and cleanse the major chakras of the body. What chakras are and what they mean to you.
Leo is the sign of the lion. Here is a little more information about the sign.
Information about the sign Libra. Being born under the sign of a Libra would be the dates of September 23rd through October 22nd. The star’s name is called Zaniah.
Magnetic therapy has been used with great success for over 2000 years. By channeling your body's energy to heal itself, magnets can provide long term relief from many ailments.
A beginner's guide to meditation technique, freeing yourself from the stress of everyday life. Tips and tools to relaxation, and basic methods of meditation are outlined.
Mother earth is the greatest teacher of spitituality. Look, listen and truly experience all the earth has to teach us.
Have you ever experienced paranormal activity such as unexplained smells, feelings, or sensations? Thought you've seen a spirit, ghost or apparition.
The experience of a phone psychic and the price you pay.
Information on the Pisces astroligcal sign. Being born under the sign of Pisces would mean being born under the birth dates of February 20th through March 20th.
Pisces women are born between February 19 and March 20. These naturally generous women are very trusting and need to guard against scams. Their boundless energy and natural abilities will take them far if they conquer procrastination and impulse to say hurting things to others.
This article explains how to give a reading using tarot cards and the meaning of the Tarot deck, card by card.
Information about the sign Sagitarius.
Sagittarius women are born between November 23 and December 21 when the days are shortest and nights are longest. This gives them wisdom and insights which, when properly channeled, can lead to great success.
Scorpio is a very power sign to be born under. Here is some information on where you can locate the Scorpian in the sky and what characteristics of people are under that sign.
Self help guide: You can only be here now. Learn how live in the moment of now and make each day more beautiful.
The tarot's rich history and a lesson on learning to read the tarot cards.
Information about the sign Taurus.
Taurus women have birthdays from April 20 to May 20. Their fascinating and charming personalities seek physical enjoyment. Because of this,caution must be exerted when getting involved with men and when selecting food and drink.
With Taurus the bull being an Earth sign and their ruling planet being Venus, they are usually the Pragmatist, Sensualist, Nature Lovers, Singers, and Evaluators.
Women born under the sign of Aries, which is from March 21 to April 19, have unique characteristics. These competent women have one major stumbling block which, if conquered, will allow them a happy life.
Capricorn women are born between December 22 and January 19. They have great organizational and leadership skills. If they conquer pessimism and revengefulness, they can successfully complete many projects enthusiastically.
Learn the history and origins of astrology. Astrology actually has many diverse roots in astronomy.
An exploration of the history and various theories of the origin of the Tarot.
Hand gestures have different meanings in different cultures and countries. Find out what's accepted and what's taboo.
If you've ever wondered what the zodiac signs really mean, this article will introduce you to the twelve sun signs and what their horoscopes can mean to you.
The Cancer sign, in the Zodiac calender, is known as the Mother, the Protector of the Zodiac. Cancer is a water sign and their ruling planet is the moon.
Use candle ritual magic to do love spells to draw a new lover into your life.
The profile of the Virgo personality is very interesting...
Numerology is a symbolic system, one of many tools we can use to understand ourselves and our life purpose better.
Transubstantiation is what separates the Catholics from everyone else. The word means that bread and wine "become" the Body and Blood of Jesus. This is not symbolism, it's a supernatural happening.