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This article explains how to pronounce the hebrew alphabet. This will get you started in speaking a new language.
What are Jewish weddings like? What customs are unique to Jewish weddings? What do you need to know about Jewish weddings before you go to the ceremony?
Even though Reform Judaism has started to become more traditional in recent years, there are still some major differences that will prevent Reform and Conservative Judaism from combining into one sect.
The Jubilee celebraton recognizes 2000 as a jubilee year in the Biblical tradition. Jubilee occurred every 50th year in Israel. The slaves were freed and debts were forgiven.
The Kabbalah arose out of Jewish mysticism and has enlightened many seekers, giving them a peek into truth through the ten sefirot and Ein Sof.
Much is made of Jubilee 2000 in the mainline churches. What is the Biblical basis for Jubilee? Was it ever observed in the Old Testament? What are the concepts taught regarding Jubilee?