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This is the leeward coast of Oahu. It lies at the foot of the Waianae Mountain range on the west end of the island. Here are some good places and beaches you won’t want to miss when you travel to this beautiful coast.

• Malli Beach Park. This is at the far southern end of the town of Malli. This park is gorgeous, featuring plenty of picnicking and camping facilities and gorgeous streams for you to enjoy. The beach here is around most of the year, but it is gone in the winter months. It’s a smaller beach and is a great place to take your family for swimming and snorkeling.
• Hawaiian Electric Beach Park. These are the first two beaches of Waianae. This is an amazing view of the large sea and the coast. There are plenty of white beach areas and coves. This isn’t a great place to swim, however. The Hawaiian Electric beach park is located along the Farrington Highway.
• Makaha Beach Park. This is a great place to surf. There is a tiny island just off the coast called Lahi Lahi, which is a neat landmark. This is a famous location of many international surfing competitions.
• Pokai Beach Park. This is one of the most elegant beaches along the leeward coast. It’s very clean and a nice place to visit. There are plenty of facilities there and you can participate in snorkeling and some surfing here. But it’s more family-oriented than other beaches on the island.
• Waianae Boat Harbor. This is a neat harbor to see. It’s still in operation and you can rent a boat here to go out into the water.
• Yokohama Bay. This is the last beach on the leeward coast. The road along the coast ends at Yokohama Bay. This is a long sandy beach that is much nicer than it once was. Because of how strong the waves are here, it’s not a great place for swimming. But it does make a good fishing area. You can also walk to Kaena Point from here, which is another neat location.