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If you are considering a turtle as a pet for your children be sure to remember they are not cuddly like hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. The best turtles for children are Mud or Musk turtles.

Baby turtles should be kept in shallow water at least as deep as his shell is wide. The baby should be able to reach the surface comfortably. The water must be changed daily unless you have a filter then it should be changed every two to three days. Baby turtles should be kept at
about 85 degrees.

Healthy food suggestions for baby turtles are: Butter lettuce, carrot slivers, freeze dried or frozen blood worms, frozen veggie cubes, or fish, rewords, or turtle pellets.

There is a wide variety of turtles and some of them are:

The snapping Turtle: also known as the Chelydra Serpentine, a well fed snapping turtle can reach 75 pounds and no matter how much you interact with them they still have the power to stretch his neck and nip off a finger.

Diamond Back Turtle: also known as Malaclemys Terrapin, these turtles only get four to ten inches, but are said to be the most beautiful turtles.

Soft-shell: also known as Truonychidae, one of the most interesting creations. These turtles are to look at and not touch.

Asian Box Turtle: also known as the Cuora, Requires a high humidity, and always needs sunlight.