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In the first weeks of pregnancy your body developes lots of needed hormones. The breasts become tender and sore as they grow in size. Some women may experience morning sickness and cravings. Urination becomes more frequent as you uterus grows and pushes on your bladder. Visit your health care provider to begin prenantal care.

You'll find yourself becoming more easily fatigued as your body adjusts to these changes. The amount of blood in your body will begin to increase in the second month of pregnancy. You should now be eating more healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water, juice, and milk each day. Your health care provider may give you some vitamins at this point.

You may experience headaches, lightheadedness, or dizziness as you get further along. As your uterus grows your regular clothing may become tight or unconfortable around the waist and breasts. Your needs for vitamins and minerals will increase, making a healthy diet necassary. Exercising can be very beneficial, try walking or swimming.

As morning sickness decreases you appetite will increase, leaving you to feel more energetic. The belly will grow and become more noticable, maternity clothes may be need now. During your second trimester you'll gain about a pound a week.

Yor heart will beat faster than normal, and you may find that you need more sleep at night. During the day you may also need to nap or take a rest more than you normally would.

Ankles and feet may begin to swell towards the end of your pregnancy, if so lie down and keep your legs elevated. The breasts may begin leak as they produce milk used for breastfeeding. Your cervix will begin to open and thin out as you get ready to deliever.