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“ What the heck was that movie ? ” This was the exact feeling that I got at the end of the movie. I must also note that I was happy to know that I was not the only one feeling that way after the movie. This is a very difficult movie to write an article about because it was so special and so abstract that I am still having a major trouble trying to put the whole movie together in my head! However, I think that the director did this movie that way on purpose and I think that he really demonstrated how the visual part of a movie is important to the general cohesion. And he also did a great job in creating a very dramatic atmosphere in that movie.

As I was saying, at the end of this movie, I was still trying to get into it without any success. The only thing that I could get from the whole movie is that Kim was the wife of Fisher’s mentor and that she eventually met the killer. But why, how, or when ??? I still don’t know. But I am pretty sure that the reason why I and the other viewers were so lost in that movie was because of the way it is filmed. In fact, this movie is made up of a series of pictures that most of the time has no relation to one another. There is no logical flow to that story if you only follow the pictures! In fact, at many times the picture of horse dead underwater would come up without any link at all to the main story, then some people would be jumping from a crane in some sort of bizarre ceremony. All these strange pictures were very confusing to me because I could not relate them to the main story. Then, the sudden apparition of a blue color that is in total contrast with the other colors of the movie was also very strange. Also the bad quality of the sound (maybe on purpose?) and the very small quantity of talking did not help at all in the general understanding! I think that the director was trying to base the whole movie on some kind of symbolism that would allow the viewer to understand that by just relying on visual clues. However, he might have exaggerated the use of symbolism to the point that it was impossible to understand the movie.

I, however, have to give a lot of credit to the director for creating such a dramatic and sad ambiance to that movie! The choice of yellowish lenses used throughout the whole film added to the very little quantity of light used, gave a very dark yellow color to the movie and at the same time adding a lot of sadness to the story. The yellow color was also very depressing because it was used during all the film non-stop. The fact that the movie was mostly during the night also added a good point to the dramatic atmosphere putting the audience (or at least me) in a very uneasy ambiance. And the pictures of dead horses, the wet underground trip that Fisher took between strange people, ect. All these separate details were very well mixed together to give this dramatic uneasy feeling to the movie.

Finally, I must say that I still wonder about the role played by Kim in the movie, and especially concerning the sex scene on the front of the car in the street! I thought that it was very basic and with no meaning at all. So I don’t understand what was the point of adding such a scene to a movie that was already filled with enough strange things! I am also still curious about this blue color from time to time?