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Teachers make a profound impression on our children. Their contribution helps shape our kids' lives, and they deserve as much recognition as possible. As a token of appreciation, it is customary to present the teacher with a small gift in December, for the holidays, and at the end of the school year, as well. Choose from this list of ten suggestions for inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts:

1. Take Note

Whether it’s a reminder to themselves or a letter to a parent, there is always writing to be done. Stationery or note pads are the perfect gift for the busy teacher. Personalize them for an extra special touch.

2. Save the Page

Books are very important classroom tools, and oftentimes teachers need to hold their place in a story. A decorative bookmark is a unique and practical gift option. Find one sold in a gift gallery that is a work of art, or help your child make a hand made version that is certain to be meaningful.

3. It’s in the Bag

Since teachers have homework, too, a book bag really comes in handy. Specialty stores carry totes with screen printed sayings that relate to education. Or, shop your local craft store for a blank bag, and make decorating it an art project for you and your child.

4. Sweet Inspirations

What teacher could resist a sweet treat? Both male and female educators will appreciate a box of chocolates or gourmet cookies. Bake some homemade goodies to help your child in their campaign to be teacher’s pet.

5. Send a Cup of Warmth

First, find an unusual, oversized cup or mug. Next, fill it with flavored coffee beans, herbal tea bags, or a large pouch of cocoa. Wrap it in cellophane and tie it up with colorful ribbon for a beautiful homemade gift.

6. Pamper Her

A small basket of bath items or scented candles beg the teacher to find time to relax. Purchase these in previously designed arrangements, or buy the components and construct them yourself.

7. Get Him Organized

A decorative calendar or appointment book helps the teacher with time management. He’ll also appreciate a desk set or elegant fountain pen (reasonably priced). These are also beneficial to females.

8. Let Them Choose

If you can’t make up your mind, try a gift certificate to a bookstore, coffeehouse or restaurant. Even a coupon for a free sandwich at the local delicatessen comes in handy at lunch. If the teacher is computer savvy, a certificate for an online shopping site is a nice option.

9. Help Out

For a gift that only costs you your time, volunteer to help out in the classroom. Read to the students or offer to grade papers. There’s an added benefit here: your child will enjoy seeing you at school and will feel good about having an involved parent.

10. Pool Your Resources

Sometimes one large gift from the entire class is nicer than a lot of little stuff. Start planning early and collect money from every parent, and you might be able to purchase a certificate to a nice restaurant or tickets to a play.

Choose any of the aforementioned ideas, and you'll make the grade!