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The SAT is a source of unending frustration for many a high school upperclassman. It is indeed an important part of getting into college, but it need not be the constant worry that it is to many students. Preparation is the key for maximizing success on the SAT. There are many different ways to prepare for the SAT, and each student would do best to look at the myriad options that he has before deciding on one or another.
One option is to take a preparation course. This is the most thorough way to prepare for the SAT, for the companies that provide the courses have many resources and much experience. However, the excessive cost of such a course precludes many students from taking one. One-on-one tutoring provides a more direct way to learn how to take the test, but it can be even more expensive than a course.

The SAT tests a very limited amount of material, so the best way to cover all the bases is to simply buy a book of real SAT's and take them under test conditions. This allows the student to see exactly what math concepts are tested, how well he knows vocabulary, and most importantly, if he can answer the type of questions asked in the time allotted. If he has problems with any of these areas, he should practice them specifically while continuing to take as many practice tests as he can get his hands on.