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Although most electrical goods do come already supplied and fitted with a plug, it’s often necessary to change them should they become damaged or broken. The following advice applies to the United Kingdom.

If you are worried about fitting a plug, it is best to leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.

What you will need:
Three-pin Plug
wire cutters
wire strippers

1. Assuming that the wires aren’t already prepared, you will need to cut back the outer flex casing with a small knife, to reveal about 2in/5cm of the insulation, covering the three separate wires, taking care not to sever the wires themselves. (Brown is live, blue neutral and the yellow/green is the ground.) If you damage the insulation, cut away the end, discard and begin again.

2. Unscrew the back of the plug and remove the fuse if it is in the way of the wiring.

3. Push the flex down between the grips of under the retaining bar through the main channel. Loosen the grips or bar first if necessary and make sure the flex casing, which protects the wires is passing underneath.

4. Adjust the wire strippers to the thickness you need. Press the handles shut to cut through the insulation covering each strand of wire, and strip it back to reveal about ½in/12mm of bare wire. Trim the ends with pliers.

5. Remove the screws covering each terminal. Wrap the wires round the terminals in a clockwise direction until no bare wire is showing. If the terminals have holes, twist the strands of wire together and double the ends over before pushing into place. Connect the brown wire to L (Live), blue to N (Neutral) and the green/yellow wire to E.

6. Replace the screws, the fuse if necessary and then the back of the plug.