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Even with the advent of high-tech video cameras and electronic devices, there is nothing that chronicles your family better than a photograph. Here are some tips for taking great photos of your family.

- If you are having a profeesional photo taken, consider the mood you want to portray. Serious? Fun? Formal? Make sure that everyone in the photo has the same idea of the mood of the photo.

- Consider having everyone dress in the same 3 colors for a uniform, yet casual look. One combo that works great is denim, khaki and black. Avoid having everyone wear the same one will all "blend into" each other.

- If you are taking a casual photo, have everyone "bend in" towards the center for a great, unposed look.

- Nothing works better as a background than the great outdoors. Consider taking a few shots outside.

- When taking your own photos, try getting "action" shots, instead of posed photos. These help to convey a mood better.

- Have several cameras around your house, loaded with film. (Try disposables). A great picture won't wait for you to run in the basement and get the camera.

- At family events, pass out disposable cameras, you'll get lots of photos from lots of different viewpoints.

- Besides taking photos at family events, chronicle other not-so-monumental things...the first snow of the year, a great tower your son built, your daughters eclectic outfit. It's the little things that make memories, not necessarily the big events.

- Take pictures'll never regret having taken too many pictures.

- Mail doubles to family and friends, or give them to your children to make their own photo albums.

- Say "cheese!", a picture is worth a thousand words!