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If you’re looking to cap your vacation off with a couple good rounds of golf, you’ve come to a good place. Can you imagine a better scene? Putting on greens overlooking the blue Pacific seas. There are expensive and inexpensive places to golf on Maui. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, and what kind of experience you’re looking to have. The more expensive places are the more exclusive clubs and often have the best scenery. But even with the more inexpensive clubs, you’re bound to have quite an experience. Here is a listing of the different golf courses on Maui, how much it costs to get into them, and how you can contact the clubs. You should call as far in advance as possible to reserve a good tee time and to have the best possible Hawaiian golfing experience.

• Royal Kaanapali. This course typically costs between $90 and $100 for a round of 18 holes. But a cart is included with the price. This is the largest course on Maui, and is in Kaanapali. 661-3691.
• Kapalua Golf Course. This golf course is right in Kapalua and has two different 18-hole courses, one at the bay and one at the villa. Both offer the same rates of about $80. 669-8044
• Makena Golf Course. This course has one course in Kinei. It offers 18 holes at $65. 879-3344.
• Wailea Golf. This club offers two courses with 18 holes each. It will cost you about $65 per round. 879-2966.
• Silversword Golf Course. This course is also in Kihei and has 18 holes. But it’s more moderately priced at $50-60. 874-0777.
• Maui Country Club. This course is closed every day but Monday to members only. But you can play the nine holes here for $35. This club has two courses and is in Paia. 877-0606.
• Waiehu Municipal Golf Course. This 18-hole course will cost you only $25. It’s in Waiehu. 244-3691.
• Pukalani Country Club. This is the most affordable golf course on Maui at $10 a round. The club offers two nine-hole courses and is in Puklani. 572-1314.