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These two villages on the Hawaiian island of Lanai are full of history and rich in culture. They are certainly areas you don’t want to miss on your trip to Lanai. Here are some sights in Keomuku and Naha that you don’t want to miss.

• Hawaiian Church. This is an old church that was recently refurbished in Keomuku Village. It is a delicate building, as you can surely notice from the condition and texture of the outside of the church.
• Kahea Heiau. This is a group of petroglyphs you can find not too far from the church. This was damaged by the sugar cane train and was believed to have led to the naturally perfect water in the town to turn bad.
• Halepaloa Landing. This is where you can see the cemetary created for the people who built the landing where sugar cane was shipped from. There’s a pier there now where you can see Maui fairly well.
• Shipwreck Beach. This is really something to see. It’s where the World War II ship Liberty wrecked into the reef on the island. This area is a nice place for a getaway. There are cabins you can rent here and the beach really isn’t too bad.
• Federation Camp. This is a great camping spot. The cabins there are old and run down. They were originally used as fishing cabins by the natives. If you’re looking for a quiet place to "rough it," this would be a good one.
• The Garden of Gods. This garden is like nothing you’ve likely ever seen before. There are no plants in this garden. As a matter of fact, the flowers are made out of rock and the shrubs of lava. This spot was once a beautiful place. Flowers bloomed everywhere; and there greenery was abundant. When volcanoes destroyed the area, this is what remained.
• Polihua Beach. This beach is not far from the Garden of Gods. It’s sand is pure white and the water is amazing here. It’s an oasis in the light of the destroyed Garden of Gods.