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If you’ve spent enough money already on your vacation to Hawaii, there are some ways you can cut cost. One big way is to find some good places to eat that are less expensive. And there are plenty of them in Kaunakakai on the island of Molokai. Here is a list of inexpensive places to eat there.

• Rabang’s Filipino Restaurant. This restaurant is on the main drag surrounded by much more expensive places, but it can be hard to find. It’s on the corner of the street and the number one complaint about the restaurant is not the price of the food, but the ability to figure out when the restaurant is open. The food isn’t that good, but it’s edible. 553-3769.
• The Hop-Inn. This is a Chinese restaurant that is affordable in price. You can certainly get plenty to eat for under $5 here. This building used to be home to the Kaunakakai Hotel, so it’s somewhat historical in nature, as well. The food is pretty good here, and you get a lot of food for your money. This restaurant is across the street from the Mid-Nite Inn. 553-5465.
• Mid-Nite Inn. This restaurant is right across the street from the Hop-Inn. They offer some good lunch, breakfasts, and dinners. You can eat breakfast for under $5 and lunch or dinner under $7. This restaurant is also the only place you can get a pizza on the island that doesn’t come frozen at a grocery store. This is a favorite restaurant of the locals, too. 553-5302.
• Oviedo’s Filipino Restaurant. This is a pretty decent little place where you can get some Filipino food for under $6. They specialize in pork dishes, and have a great selection of entrees and desserts. This restaurant is on Ala Malama Road.
• Kanemitsu Bakery. This is a great place to get some fresh bread or a roll and coffee for breakfast. Many people also stop here for an inexpensive dessert after a hearty meal. This bakery has been open some 80 years.