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Kailua is on the winward coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The easiest way to get there is to take Route 61 east toward the Mokapu Peninsula. Here are some of the sights and beaches you don’t want to miss on your trip to Kailua, where you can find them and what exactly you should do there.

• Mt. Olomana. This volcano is believed to be the spot at which Oahu started. It was believed that this volcano was the first land to emerge from below the ocean and begin the spot where the island now stands. It has a 1,643-foot peak.
• Mokapu Peninsula. The beaches here are amazing. Plenty of colorful birds, lots of windsurfers with colorful sails, and bright blue waters make for a great scene. This peninsula is the home of the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.
• Ulupoa Heiau. This is a temple that was built in order to honor those who help with the birthing process of Hawaiian chiefs. The heiau was known for a place where chiefs were born. The umbilical cord was traditionally cut while percussion was played.
• Lanikai Beach. This each is just south of Kailua. Because of the mild surf here, this beach provides great snorkeling and swimming just about every day of the year. The beach runs for about a mile.
• Kailua Beach Park. This is the biggest beach in the area. So many people take up sailboarding here, that it pretty much is the premier sailboarding area in all of Hawaii. It also makes a great spot for kayaking and jet skiing. Because of these other activities that take place here, it sometimes isn’t the best spot for the swimmer. Native Hawaiians complain that the beach was once a great place to take families in a nice secluded area. Now, that’s not possible with all the tourists.
• Kalama Beach. This beach is just north of Kailua on North Kalaheo. The swimming here is better than at Kailua, but the beach isn’t as nice or large. There are actually parts of this beach that are completely off-limits to any water vehicles.