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Chicago and many of its suburbs has been the homeland for Jews since the 1930s. Here are some spots geared towards our Jewish population.

1. Spertus College of Judaica. Located in downtown Chicago, Spertus College offers many interesting classes on subjects related to Judaica (Hebrew, Old Testament, etc.). The college also contains a wonderful museum with changing exhibits related to Jewish history, both in Chicago and worldwide.

2. HaShalom Restaurant. Located on Devon in Chicago, this restaurant is Israeli-owned. The food is fantastic, and very reasonably priced. Though not a kosher restaurant, they are closed on Friday nights.

3. Kohl's Children's Museum. Located on Greenbay Road in Wilmette, this museum is a very popular spot amongst Orthodox Jewish women. A reasonably priced yearly pass allows family entry, this museum has many travelling exhibits, as well as stapes such as Middle Eastern markets where kids can shop, and face-painting. Lots of fun for the whole family.

4. Ha Makor. Located in Skokie on Dempster Street, this is a Jewish bookstore that also sells some beautiful art, as well as menorahs and seder plates, and a multitude of other products necessary for Jewish homes. You can also purchase Jewish music there. A little bit of everything at reasonable prices.

5. Slice of Life. This kosher restaurant is also located on Dempster in Skokie. Highly successful with the local orthodox population, this restaurant has expanded in size twice over the past several years. The food is good, and the menu is quite diverse for a kosher restaurant. No meat.

6. Hungarian Grocery Market. If you are looking to buy kosher foods to prepare in your home, the Hungarian Market is the place for you. Located in Skokie, this large grocery store sells only kosher foods. It boasts a large butcher shop, as well as some ethnic canned and packaged foods from Israel. A treasure chest of food.