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If you are traveling to Israel it is important to go there knowing some specific places to visit. There are a few places that one must see when traveling as far away as Israel. Israel is a beautiful country with a lot of neat things to do and fun places to visit. There is something there for the entire family.

Mount Masada is a wonderful place to travel to when you are in Israel. I recommend hiking up this mountain at about three in the morning to catch the beautiful sunrise. It is a sight to see, and it is great exercise. If you are unable to make the trek up the mountain there is a stair lift that would be happy to take you up in a matter of minutes.

Another neat place to visit is the city of Bethlehem. There is a lot of historical significance here and there is a nice atmosphere there. Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus. There are a few museums in this area that you can take the whole family to see.

A “must-see” in Israel is the great Western Wall. This is what is left of King Solomon’s temple. There are always people praying at this site. It is also interesting at the wall because you can actually write a note or blessing and insert it into the wall.

A site for the children is the Dead Sea. If you want to do a favor for your skin you can go get a full masking for free at the Dead Sea. There is mud there that can do wonders for your skin. The Dead Sea is fun for the kids because the salt concentration in the sea is so high you are able to float. Be careful because the salt can really sting your eyes if you accidentally get your eyes wet.

Another beautiful city in Israel that one should not miss is the southern city of Eilat. The drive down to Eilat is a scenic and beautiful drive. There are wonderful restaurants within the city. This is one place in Israel that is worth the drive.

If you are traveling in Israel with your children or you are of a younger age than I recommend Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. This is a great tourist attraction along with great food and entertainment. There are hundreds of shops and clothing stores as well as many places to get tattoos and earrings. This is definitely a place for the younger generations.

Another fun place with a great night life is Tel Aviv. This is a great place to go for a good time in the evenings. There is a wonderful breeze off the ocean and there are plenty of bars and clubs along the coast. There are a range of ages in Tel Aviv when the hour is late.

I recommend a visit to Israel at least once in your life. There is so much history within such a small country. There is also a great amount of culture there that you can be a part of on your first trip to Israel.