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No matter where you live, there is pollution. Pollution and free radicals are hard on skin and age us prematurely.
Avoiding drinking alcohol is one of the ways to help a woman's skin to look younger. One the the easiest ways to peel back the years on your looks is by moisturizing.

Nature has given us the best natural way to moisturize and smooth lines and wrinkles. Our friend the bee may scare you
as he buzzes his way from flower to flower, however if you stay out of his way, a honey nectar will be your answer to youthful looking skin.

Honey was first used by Cleopatra to keep her smooth young complextion, you can too. Regular clover honey is fine. Get a headband and push back your hair off your face. Put on an old shirt, because the heat from your skin will cause the honey to melt and run a bit. Wash your face and your hands and dry thoroughly. Dip three fingers into a jar of honey and slather it on your face. Get comfortable and allow it to
works its magic for 10 minutes. Then wipe it off with a hot, moist, clean washcloth, splash your face with cold water to rinse it off. You may still feel a trace of honey on your skin, this will come off in the morning when you wash your face with warm water and soap. Meanwhile allow your face to absorb the sweet nutrients of your honey

If your face has been damaged by the sun and needs a good scrubbing, take one tablespoon of oatmeal and add to two tablespoons of honey and mix well, and slather on, and let sit for ten minutes on your face. The fiber of the oatmeal
will cleanse off the dead skin cells, leaving your skin pink, younger and renewed.

If you stayed out too late the night before and have dark circles under your eyes, get a couple of cold slices of cucumber. Put the slices on your closed eyelids and kick back and relax.

Remember that drinking 8 glasses of water will also improve not only the look of your skin, but your mind will sharper and more in focus.

Please take advantage of these tips and soon people will be smiling at you, admiring your new glowing complexion.