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It’s that time of year again. A time that women fear even more than trying on swim suits and men find more challenging than the local golf course. Father’s Day has been known to make even the most shopping savvy individual shake in their shoes. You pound the pavement and pace the store aisles, looking for that perfect gift for dad, granddad, or hubby, only to resort to the perennial standby. But, please, no ties! It’s time to get creative. Just refer to the following ten suggestions for guidance, and you’ll be on your way to wowing your man:

1. Gifts for the Golfer

Consider yourself lucky if your guy is a links lover. Ideas abound which can satisfy every golfer’s appetite. What club carrier wouldn’t love a membership to a golf club or tickets to a professional outing? A new set of sticks, a sleek leather bag, or some shiny new shoes should fit him to a tee. And, if all that is too big for your budget, eighteen holes at the local course will definitely score a hole in one.

2. For the Good Sport

For some real bonding with your man, plan a day at the ballpark together. Or, send him there with the guys. Score some brownie points by snagging tickets to a playoff game or any other event that’s in high demand. If a real slam-dunk is your goal, buy him a season’s pass.

3. Send Him to Camp

If he’s a kid at heart, or if he’s grown up and not too proud to admit he needs to work on his skills, check into sports camps. There are various programs that cater to adults, including instruction in baseball, golf, and tennis. Satisfy a real boyhood fantasy and send Dad for lessons with a sports celebrity. Buyer beware: this gift can be downright expensive.

4. Win, Place, or Show

It’s off to the races where you can make a grand impression. Buy Dad a few winning tickets (hopefully) and some refreshments. And, don’t forget to include a pair of binoculars. For a fee, some racetracks will even name a race in his honor, complete with lighted display on the scoreboard.

5. Make Him a Member

Give your guy a gift that lasts all year. Buy him a membership to a museum or health club, or pay for a year’s worth of sessions with a personal trainer. If he’s an activist at heart, make a donation in his name to his favorite charity or cause.

6. Indulge his Sense of Adventure

If Dad likes to push the envelope (and if you can handle it), try something a little unusual. Sign him up for a survival trip or an archaeological dig in a remote country. Flying lessons are a popular choice, also. Note: this is not for the faint of heart!

7. Infuse Some Culture

For those who like to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, try a cultural event. Tickets to a play or musical, orchestra seats to the symphony, or front row at a concert are sure to please. Make reservations for the latest art exhibit or visit an ethnic festival.

8. Send Him to School

Enroll Dad in a computer class, a foreign language study, or an enrichment course. These can be both fun and educational. Find out what interests him, and sign him up for what he always wanted to do, but just never got around to it.

9. Pamper Him

Men need attention, too. Give yours a day of pampering, including a home cooked meal, remote control privileges, and total relaxation. Grandpa and Dad will appreciate some hot cocoa and a good book, and be sure to offer Hubby a back massage. Create a book with coupons that he can redeem. This is an excellent choice for a meaningful, inexpensive gift.

10. The Easy Way Out

Still can’t decide what to get him? Opt for the gift that always fits. Purchase a gift certificate to a hardware, sporting goods or book store. What man wouldn’t appreciate a shopping spree at the local electronics emporium? For the more practical recipient, a phone card or gasoline card makes sense.

Get to work! With all the innovative suggestions listed here, you’re certain to find something. And, it better not be a tie.