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Key Holder
You will need a soft pencil, ruler and paper; an attractive piece of wood (measuring 40mm x 40mm x 17mm); a fretsaw; fine sandpaper for wood; a drill with 4mm bit; clear varnish; 20cm long leather thong, thin enough to be threaded through a 4mm diameter hole.

Using the pencil, ruler and paper, draw a letter of the alphabet or any other design. Trace the outlines onto the wood with the pencil and carefully saw out. Drill a small 4mm-diameter hole in one corner or point of the block. Sand the whole block until smooth. Apply varnish to the block with a brush. Leave to dry thoroughly. Thread a thong through the hole; add the keys; add a brightly colored bead of two and knot the two ends very firmly together.

Spike Peg
This peg is just the thing for absent-minded people who are forever searching for mislaid accounts. It is an ideal gift for your Dads to spike his accounts and notes onto. If made from an attractive wood, it will be welcome on even the smartest desk. You will need approximately 120mm x 120mm x 22mm good wood; a woodsaw; fine sandpaper for wood; a drill with 4mm and 8mm bits; 150mm long nail (4mm diameter); a hammer; cold glue; clear varnish; a brush; felt (approximately 12cm x 12cm); scissors.

Draw the shape of the spike peg you want to make on a piece of paper. The circle base measures 110mm diameter (thickness of wood, 18mm); square spike peg measures 100mm x 100mm (thickness of wood, 22mm thick). Trace the pattern onto the wood with a sharp pencil. Saw out the shape and smooth edges with sandpaper. On the underside of the block, drill a hole all the way through the centre of the block (drill a countersink and the edges slightly curved by drilling 2mm deep with 8mm bit; then drill all the way through the centre of the block with a 4mm diameter bit). Apply the clear varnish and leave to dry thoroughly. Place the block upside down and flat over two other pieces of wood or two supports to allow the nail to pass in-between the space created by the supports. Spread cold glue in the countersink and tap the nail gently with the hammer. Leave to stand until thoroughly dry before pasting felt onto the underside. The head of the nail must be level with the rest of the wood. Cut the felt about 5mm smaller than the wooden block. Spread a layer of cold glue evenly over the felt and paste it on the underside of the block. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Decoupage Container
You will need a large tin, cutouts of photocopied photographs, brown paper or handmade paper, wood glue, paintbrush, and polyurethane varnish. Photocopy a collection of photographs onto cream colored paper; cut the "subjects" out, omitting the "background" images of the photographs. Cut brown paper or handmade to cover the tin and glue in place with 2 parts wood glue mixed with 1 part water. Coat the back of each photograph cutout with the same mix and glue in place on tin, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. Trim pictures that overlap at top or bottom. Brush the surface of the pictures with the glue mix and leave to dry. Apply 2 coats of polyurethane varnish. This stylish decoupage container could hold pens and pencils or may be filled with Dad's favorite sweets or biscuits.