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Saving energy around the home not only saves you money on your heating bills, but it will also help the environment in which you live in at the same time.

Making a few changes around your home is all it takes. Follow these simple tips for a more energy efficient and greener home:

1. Consider insulating your attic or loft. This will keep all the heat inside your roof. It is a well-known fact that heat rises, and most of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. By insulating you not only keep the top part of the house warm, but also the heat will be encouraged to circulate around the home rather than escape.

2. Fix draught excluders to your windows and outside doors. As most houses now have secondary glazing this may not be as important around the windows. However, draughts can still come through the gaps under internal doors, and this again will lose you the heat you are paying for.

3. Turn your thermostat down one degree. You will hardly notice the difference and yet it will give you a substantial 8 per cent saving on your electricity or gas bill.

4. Wrap your hot-water pipes. They also lose precious heat. Concentrate on the hottest pipes in the coldest places. Use foam, rubber tubing or felt-strip.

5. Descale your kettles, irons and showerhead regularly, this avoids running costs.

6. Using showers, not baths, will save you great volumes of water.

7. Try to cook as many things as you can at one time. If you are cooking a roast, squeeze the apple pie and cookies into the oven, too. This saves you money on the fuel bills.

8. Having fitted carpet in your home makes it warm and cosy underfoot, making good use of the heat you are using.

9. Use tin foil behind your radiators, this will reflect the heat back into the room.

10. Never dry wet washing in a communal room. It will make any heat in the room damp, and often makes the garments smell musty or damp also.