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Coping With Eczema
Eczema's scientific name is atopic dermatitis.Its a skin condition that erupts in itchy rashes .Anyone can be infected with eczema.The symptoms vary for sufferers from different ages.Babies usually get eczema rashes on the face, neck and body.Older kids and adults get them on the face, elbow or knees.

Eczema has many contributing factors.These include food allergens,airborne allergens, infections, temperatures, humidity,irritants and stress.By identifying and eliminating an individual's "eczema factors" the skin improves.Common culprits are found in soaps, detergents, household chemicals, rough clothing, alcohol and astringents.

To overcome eczema, you can adopt the following measures.
1) Wash new clothing before wear. This rids it of chemicals from the manufacturer's factory.
2) refrain from wearing skin-fitting clothes that irritate your skin. Allow skin to breathe easily with loose clothes.
3) Use liquid detergents for smoother washings. Put an extra rinse to clear the remnants of any chemicals clinging to the clothes.
4) Use a neutral pH soap or solution to avoid irritating your skin.
5) Get your doctor's prescription for antihistamines to reduce itchiness.
6) Avoid cosmetics and skin care products that contain alcohol, scents or preservatives that irritate the skin.
7) Get a prescribed steroid cream to apply.

Children's clothing may be washed with mild detergent like "kiddies detergent". Their condition needs close monitoring. Excessive scratching may cause bleeding and the problem may worsen if infection sets in.

If the eczema doesn't improve after a week, visit the doctor. He may give antibiotics to fight the bacteria on the skin.