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Back pain is a major problem. Almost everyone suffers from this problem. This problem can be prevented without presription drugs. You can give up on drugs which have limited effect and harmful side effect; you can go back performing tasks you gave up long time ago. You can do many things if you faithfully take a few minutes a day to practice the following exercise.

The following exercises go by many names, but they are most commonly known as the Cobra, and the Locust. Let's take a look at them one at a time.

Preparation: While these exercices are designed primarily to make your back feel better. There is a strong mental or psychological aspect involved with them. These exercises should be performed in a way that calms your mind and creates a general feeling of peace within yourself. You need to find a quiet place which will take you away from noise, spend at least 20 minutes per day doing this routine.

Wear loose-fitting and prepare a padded but firm place for yourself on the floor. A blanket or a mat on a carpet should do nicely.

The Cobra:
1// Lie flat on your stomach, hands by your side, feet together.

2// Place your hands, palms down, beside your waist. Your fingers should be pointed forward.

3// Inhale as you begin to lift yourself up on your hands, bringing the head and arching the spine as far as it will go.(Never force any part of your body further than it wants to go. If you began to feel pain-you've gone too far!) Keep your legs straight, don't bend your knees-you want to lift yourself up, kind of as if you were doing push-ups with paralyzed legs. Think of the way a cobra lifts its head up and leaves its body and tail on the ground.

4// As you lift yourself up, you don't have to keep going until your arms are straight, but keep your pelvic area pressed firmly to the floor.

5// Exhale. And lower yourself back down gently. Repeat the exercise a number of times. You will feel your tightness diminish with each repetition of exercise. You should try to hold yourself upward position fro about 15 seconds.

1// Lie flat on your stomach, hands by your side, palms up.

2// Raise your head and place the front of your chin only on the floor.

3// Make a fists of your hands and place them under your thighs in your groin.

4// Inhale, stiffen the body and push down on your arms. Bring your legs up in the back as high as they will go.

5// Hold this pose for 15 seconds, or as long as you can while holding your breath.

6// Exhale and lower your legs. Relax and repeat the exercise as often as you wish.

That's it! perform any of these exercises on a regular basis and you back will become stronger and it will decrease your backache.