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In some movies, the actors carry the movie, in others, it's the script,or even the special effects. The “Hudsucker Proxy” on the other hand, has a very pronounced visual style. The director and his crew did quite an impressive job in creating a totally artificial world for their movie. In fact, one of the noticeable aspects of this movie is how the visual style is used throughout the story. Another quite interesting aspect about this film is the very well defined and well done first act of the story.

It should be emphasized that the filming style of this movie was really special. Even tough as a viewer, I was not able to really “get into” the movie, the visual style of it was designed to keep the viewers attention totally focused on the principal person in the frame. For example, in the office of the boss when the principal character came to give the letter, the huge size of the room and the very “empty” design of it automatically drew our attention to the boss because nothing else is the frame was catching our attention. Therefore all the movements of the boss got our attention and at the same time made us feel as if “this boss” was the center of the world. In fact, this was the exact feeling of the young man (major character) that had just started working for the firm. Also on the visual aspect, we can note that the angle in which the young new employee was filmed. Indeed, that angle from the very beginning of the movie, made us (viewers) feel how desperate and in need of a job he was before finding a job in the “Hudsucker” firm. Finally on the same topic we should mention the way he, the main character, was filmed at the top of the building during the party. The picture of him, alone, on top of a huge building, expressed the exact way he was feeling at this moment : very successful but very lonely and without any friend and then, Jennifer Jason Leigh came about...

Also very important to this movie is the intense work put into act one : the set up for the rest of the movie. As often in movies, it was about 30 min. long in which everything was being described for the movie. The young man arrives in town with the ambition to make it to the top, the “Hudsucker” company boss commits suicide, and some of the company’s partner are planning a scam to make money out of it. The protagonists are therefore all described. The difference in living status is well emphasized, one is totally poor, a little stupid and hungry, the others are very rich and smart and looking for a stupid person. Then as an audience we kind of start to relate things to one another and figure out what the conflict will be, then the movie is on the rails. Finally, the lady journalist is introduced and from now on the conflict will get worst and the young guy will have to get himself out of all of this. It was a very well designed first act that really emphasized the important component of any first act : the general presentation of the subjects, their relation with one another and their environment.

I will conclude this report by stating that I was surprised by the fact that they were able to “stop the time” at the end of the movie. I thought that it was not in the general idea of the movie. However it was a very clever way to save the life of the “hero” ! In retrospective, I must admit that this was quite an interesting movie.