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Aging has become a disease for most people, the truth is that people are afraid of getting old. Gray hair, wrinkled skin growing flabbiness, loss of vitality and reduced resistance to injury and disease. To most Americans, these are harbingers of old age. No matter what your present health status or your chronological age, regular exercise and changing your eating habits are the key to lower your biological age.

Guidelines to lower biological age.

Reduced body fat, Increased muscle mass strength of 200% to 300%. increased in aerobic capacity by 20% or more to reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other age related ailments. This is to help you to remain healthy and vigorous for as long as possible and to compress the inevitable period of decline preceding death from several years into w few weeks or months

Forget how many birthdays you' ve marked, instead considered how you will improved your life, diet and personal thing in your life. Make new goals on every birthday and follow it.

Muscle mass: As Americans move from adolescence into old age, we lose almost seven pounds of lean body mass each decade. This rate accelerates after age 45. Reduce muscle mass leads not only to reduced strength but to improved your health. Instead of driving to the grocery store, take the advantage of walking there. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Those who remain physically active lose little muscle of aerobic exercise two or three times weekly.

Strength: Between the age of 20 and 70, the average American loses about 30% of his muscle cells-including a large proportion of "fast-twitch" cells needed for sprinting and other high exertion exercise. While we cannot prevent loss of muscle cells, a weight lifting regimen will compensate by boosting the size and strength of the cells that remain. Ten repetitions of 10 lifts with a weight that should leave your muscles completely fatigued. If not add more weight.

To lose fat and gain muscle: Combined a low fat diet with regular exercise. Aerobic capacity. to gauge fitness, doctors often measure the body's ability to process oxygen during exercise. The greater this exercise capacity, the faster oxygen is pumped throughout the body and the fitter the individual.

Regular aerobic exercise, the kind that causes huffing and puffing will raise your aerobic capacity no matter what your present age. The longer your workouts, the greater the benefit.

Stop smoking if you do, If you are overweight lose weight, reduce your intake of fatty, cholesterol-rich foods, (especially animal products) This will decrease your chance of having any illness.

To keep blood pressure in Check: Stay slim, don't smoke exercise regularly. Limit your consumption of fat, salt and alcohol.

Bone Density: As we age, our skeletons slowly become weaker and more brittle. consume of at least 800 milligrams a day of calcium to prevent bone lose

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables everyday. Green vegetables are the best, if you can eat at least one serving vegetable per day, that will be good