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For most of us, sunny days are the easy ones. Long walks, trips to the park and an afternoon at the playground are fun ways for you and your preschooler to interact and be with friends.

Rainy days are a different story. After five consecutive days of rain, what's left to do? Here are some ideas:
- Bake a cake from scratch. This requires a bit of planning so that you always have the ingredients on hand, but it is an activity that can take a good hour if done well. Measuring flour, cracking eggs, greasing the pan are all things a young child can happily do. It is always fun to make banana bread and carrot cake with the supplies you may have on hand. Eat the finish product, or save it for dinner (if you can wait that long!)

-Inventory the toys. This is an especially useful task right before the holidays or your child's birthday. Dump all the toys, pieces and puzzles in the middle of the room, preferably early in the day. Look at each item, and discard toys with missing parts. Toys that are no longer used can be donated to a charity or to a friend with a younger child. Some toys inevitably enjoy a renaissance after this exercise!

- Write a letter to a friend or relative. Letter writing is becoming a lost art, but written correspondence is always fun. Talk with your child about the things you have done together recently, and compose a letter together. Your child can illustrate the letter and get it all ready to mail.

- Sing songs and tape record them. First talk about the songs that you like best, then choose one or two to sing, either together or your child alone. Tape the song and label the finished tape to play later, then put with your keepsakes.

-Make a movie. If you have a video camera, this is a very enjoyable activity. Dress up and act out a scene from a favorite nursery rhyme, taking the time to find the appropriate clothing, go over the lines and rehearsing, and brainstorming ways to make the movie better.
Later in the evening, have the family enjoy the taped version of the movie, or act it out again if you did not videotape it.

- Make a collage. Save your old magazines and circulars. Think of a theme, such as "animals, or "cars", and search for anything that goes with the theme. Talk about the pictures and then let your youngster glue them on a large piece of paper. Display it in a prominent place when it is dry.

- Organize your photos. You undoubtedly have them in drawers, boxes, and hanging out of albums. Take that empty album you bought last year and put all of those photos in (after labeling them on the back). Your child will be only too eager to assist you, and the activity will undoubtedly open the door to some interesting conversations about when she was a baby and her first birthday.

If there is still time, you can both help each other rearrange the dresser drawers or attack a closet together. Since rainy days don't come along too often, most of us don't mind a few days of showers if there is something interesting to do!