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With quality pet care being a premium, dog first aid kits and pet insurance are very important to have.

To insure the best possible at home care for your canine, the following items are essential for your first aid kit:

Tea Tree Oil – for fungal infections

Liquid Vitamin C – this helps boost your dog’s immune system, which will promote healing (needs to be refrigerated)

Sterile Gauze Pads

White Adhesive Tape

Antibiotic Cream to put on the sterile gauze pad or directly on the wound to help keep bacteria out and assist in healing.

Hydrogen Peroxide – less harmful if the dog licks the area than if using rubbing alcohol

The tea tree oil and liquid Vitamin C will need to be purchased at your local health food store while the remaining products can be purchased at your local neighborhood drug store.

Pet insurance seems to be a rising hot commodity but not all of the policies are created equal or useful.

Check with the insurance companies directly before purchasing their insurance. They do not cover everything and it might be cheaper to pay the veterinarian bill than to buy what they are offering. Write down every test and shot your dog has each year with the cost next to it. Add up the entire amount and compare it to what the policy says they will charge. In some instances, it is cheaper to pay the veterinarian than to pay for a pet insurance policy. In addition, not all policies cover annual shots, allergy treatments or what they consider "routine" visits for your canine.

So before you take out a policy, find out which pet insurance carrier will work best for you.