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When using a credit card online, simply using caution and keeping your own records can keep you free of fraud. There are some simple steps, in addition to being cautious, that will allow you to make purchases over the internet with confidence.

As far as what credit card is best, you want to first make sure you don’t use a debit/credit card that might expose a checking or savings account.

One practice that can help you avoid problems is to use just one or two credit cards for all of your online purchases. This will help you track the billing and any odd purchases or charges will be easier to find.

Rest assured, plans and purchases made over the internet are just as reliable as traditional means. But it’s still a good idea to keep track of the time and date plans were made and request an e-mail confirmation, especially if there’s no other correspondence. If you're trying to track down reservations or suspect foul play, it helps a lot to have your own record of what happened and when.

Knowing your agreement with a creditor and reviewing your statements are completely necessary when it comes to using the plastic on the Web. Look at the fine print on your credit card agreement to find out what kind of liability you have in case your card is used illegally. Surprisingly, most credit card companies won’t charge more than a service fee or deductible for those kinds of purchases. Here again, it will help to have your own records of what transpired in the case of fraud. You must also be sure to look at your statements carefully and catch any fishy activity as soon as possible.

No credit card purchase can be 100 percent free of risk, but following these tips can help make Internet purchases as convenient and easy as they seem.