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One of the most efficient ways to generate leads for your business, or business opportunity is to join as many newsgroups and/or mailing lists that pertain either to a group of people interested in the product you are marketing or the opportunity you are offering.

Another effective method for generating leads is to place free classified ads anywhere on the internet that you have access to. There are many places online that will enable you to submit one ad to multiple search engines and classified ad sites at one time.

A simple two step plan for generating leads is as follows:

1. Submit an advertisement with the ad that briefly explains the information about your product and/or opportunity. Ask the reader to call or write for details and provide the number and/or address for them to respond to.

2. When the readers respond to your ad and request the information about your product and/or opportunity, include the information brochure along with an order form for the product.

When writing your introductory ad, be sure to use words that will peak the reader's interest and make them want to know more. Phrases such as 'Free Information' and 'Unique Products' or 'Unique Opportunity'are great ideas.

When sending your information brochure, be sure to give an adequate description of your product and/or opportunity. Encourage the reader to order now. Use words that will get their attention. Phrases like 'Limited Time Offer' or 'Hurry! Act Now!' usually work wonders.

It is a good idea to keep two file boxes on hand when you begin advertising. In one file box, on index cards, catalog the name and address of each individual that requests more information from you.

If, after sending the requested information to your prospective buyer, you receive an order, move that index card to the second file box.

In doing so, you will then know which customer's are buying your products. This will enable you to send out future brochures for products and/or opportunities to customers you know will most likely make a purchase.

Keep the index cards in your first file box for a period of about six months. Send another offer or two their way during this time. If at the end of six months, you have not received an order, you may do one of two things with the names.

One, you may throw it out. Two, you may compile a mailing list of possible opportunity seekers. This list can then be rented multiple times to companies wanting opportunity seeker's names, or you can sell it once to one company for an agreed upon amount of money.

I hope you find this information as helpful as it was meant to be. Happy Generating!