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If you’re a neatnik like me, you start getting a little crazy when your keyboard gets grungy. Not to worry, it can be cleaned if you do it carefully.

To get started, find a soft, lint-free cloth and some window cleaner like Windex. Shut down your computer and disconnect your keyboard. Turn it upside down and give it a gentle shake. This will clear out dust and debris that has fallen in between the keys. If your vacuum has a soft brush attachment, you can vacuum the keyboard gently, too.

Now, spray a tiny bit of Windex on your cloth. You don’t want it wet, just barely damp.

Gently scrub all the areas around the keys of your keyboard. Watch for an excess fluid squeezing out of your cloth. Should this happen, dab it up quickly.

Once the housing for the keys is cleaned, focus on cleaning the keys themselves. Gently stroke the keys with the barely damp cloth, repeating strokes until each key is cleaned.

Badly soiled keys can be pried off the board, cleaned and snapped back into place.

You can clean crevices by wrapping your cloth over a table knife and carefully and gently running it between keys. Do not push down into the mechanisms below the keys, though.

Once you’ve cleaned the keyboard to your satisfaction, let it set to dry for half an hour, just in case it’s damp. Reconnect it to your computer and compute away with a clean keyboard!