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You may be an experienced decorator or a complete novice when it comes to interior design but either way, specific rules apply when you are decorating rooms for children. By following the suggestions below you will be guaranteed success when it is time to decorate rooms for your little ones.

Give Your Child A Say So.

Even if your kids have outlandish taste, you can still allow them to choose the color for the new room. You may be pleasantly surprised by your child's choice but even if you are appalled, simply adjusting the hue or intensity can make an outlandish color more acceptable. You can also work wonders with a less than desirable color by choosing accentuating colors to tone down a bright color or lighten up a somber tone.

Consider the Child's Age

When you revamp a child's room, take their age into consideration. Always decorate with an eye toward the next stage of your child's life.

Your daughter may have just taken her first steps last week but over the next year or so, as she grows, she may become enamored of Sesame Street or the Teletubbies. Consider doing a theme that will capture her interest for years to come and make her room into her own special place.

Your son, on the other hand, may be ten years old and knee deep in Pokemon but by the time he's twelve, he'll be a pre-teen with an eye to a cool room where he can entertain and impress friends in privacy.

Realize when decorating their rooms that your child of today is the young man or woman of tomorrow and you will be able to make a room that grow with him or her.

Allow Your Child's Personality to Shine Through

Just because your daughter is a girl doesn't mean that the only room that is appropriate for her is pink with laces and ruffles. And just because your son is a boy, doesn't mean his room should be blue and covered in basketballs, baseballs and footballs. Your children are individuals. Allow their rooms to reflect that fact.

Perhaps your son is an avid astronomer and interested in anything in outer space. Consider using this as a theme. You can paint stars, suns, moons and planets in strategic points about the room and make a special place to set up his telescope. Also, a great shelf to display all of his astronomy books would make a great addition to his room.

Maybe your daughter is planning to be a world traveler when she is grown and dreams of faraway places. Plaster her room with glossy photos of distant lands and maps of her favorite countries. A special display area for your daughter may include her globe and world atlas.

Whatever their interests are, find a way to work them into the new decor and your child will feel right at home.

Make the Room Multi-Purpose

If you're dealing with limited space (or even if you're not), it's often practical for you and fun for your child if their room functions as multi-use.

For instance, a younger child might enjoy having a sleeping loft that takes her away from it all at night and lends to her imagination while the rest of the room is used as distinctive play areas. You might want to consider setting up several "stations" such as a Lego building area, a crafts table with paint, crayons, clay and other creative mediums and a cozy, relaxing area with a small bookshelf, carpet and lots of overstuffed pillows for quiet reading time.

An older child might enjoy a private sleeping area secluded with a folding screen that displays all of their favorite photographs and artwork, a casual area with a rugged couch or loveseat paired with their stereo/cd player, combination t.v./vcr and video games as a center for entertaining friends.

Make It Durable

Remember, above all, this is a child's room and you want them to be able to let loose and have fun in it. It may cost a little more in the beginning to buy the sturdiest and most durable furniture you can find but you'll definitely be glad you did as the years pass and the furniture still looks and feels great. Remember this also when it comes to carpet, curtains, bedspreads and wall coverings.

Another great suggestion is to use slipcovers. They can be bought in a variety of sizes and colors, are easily washable and will protect furniture from whatever abuse your little ones dish out. Slipcovers can also be changed at the drop of a hat to fit in with a new color scheme or just to give variety to your current colors.

Make It Fun

No matter how you decide to decorate your child's special area, above all, make the project fun. Allow your kids to help both with the decisions and the actual work. They will appreciate and enjoy the new room so much more when you allow them to put their own personality and elbow grease into it. Working together, you can successfully decorate their room to please you both.