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Capricorns the tenth sign of the Zodiac are under the Earth sign. Their ruling planet is Saturn. If you were born between December 22 and January 20 you are a Capricorn. The ultimate realists, Capricorns know full well there is no gain without hard work. Hardworking, diligent and determinded, Capricorns neet to have a purpose, without one they are lost. Order and structure usually make them feel complete and normally they write out daily to - do lists. Security is important to them influenced by their ruling planet, Saturn, they take a cautious and conservative approach to life. They admire the wisdom of age and experience and show respect for authority.
Capricorn can also be stubborn, cold or calculating, using Saturnine hardness for selfish purposes rather than for self discipline, normally one of their better qualities.
The practical and thrifty characteristics of Capricorn's earthy element blend well with their desire for status and prestige, enabling them to rise to positions of power without wasting any effort. They take responsibilities seriously and place home and family at the top of their list.
Capricorns can also be pessimistic, feeling they are never good enough. Sometimes they will doubt themselves and give up without even trying. More than anything they need to develop an optimistic and positive outlook.
Remember, that beneath their slightly shy and reserved exterior is a wonderful dry sense of humor and a tenacity that comes from inner discipline. When others need assistance, they know they can always count on a Capricorn to be reliable and solid.