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The 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks entered the 2000 major league baseball season with great hopes and high expectations. Last year's team won the National League western division but bowed out in the first round of the National League playoffs to the New York Mets. Last year's team had loads of talent, and many believed it underachieved when all was said and done in the 1999 season. This year's team is almost exactly the same as last year's personnel-wise, with one major addition: Korean closer Byung-Hyun Kim while this year did not provide Kim's first ever major league experience, it is the first season in which he has been a major contributor. He is now on pace to set a major league record for strikeouts per nine innings and has been almost unstoppable when he enters the game in the late innings. There are two other important factors for this year's team. LHP Randy Johnson, in his second year with the team, has been incredible and had one of the best months of April of any pitcher in history. And the other important, and even perhaps more incredible factor had been outfielder Steve Finley. Never known as much of a power hitter, Finley this year has been on a rampage and has been one of the league leaders in home runs since the start of the season. Although the western division this year is fairly competitive, the Diamondbacks are expected to win it and challenge the Braves for the National League crown.