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“Zit Freak!”
“Crater Face!”
“Pizza Face!”
If you’ve ever suffered from acne, you’ll be painfully familiar with those and other taunts. Remember how you felt – how you feel now if you still have acne? Perhaps you wish the ground could open up and swallow you whole - that you could disappear and not have to put up with the taunts of your peers. If only there was something you could do about this embarrassing acne problem.
Acne is a disorder of the skin that causes it to be spotted, even disfigured , by pimples, blackheads and red swellings. Teenagers suffer from acne the most, with 80% of them developing the condition at some time during their teens. Why, though, does acne plague young people at the very time when they are conscious of looking their best? With the onset of puberty, skin glands increase their activity. Each gland empties into a hair follicle. Normally the oil would drain out through a pore in the skin, but sometimes a pore gets clogged and the oil cannot get out quickly enough. The clogged pore now causes a blemish which is called a blackhead. A pimple develops when pus forms. Cysts are formed when germs breed in the backed up oil. A pimple will only scar if it is squeezed or picked.
There is no single treatment for acne. There are medications available, however, that can gradually help bring acne under control. If the case is severe you should consult a dermatologist who may prescribe antibiotics.
The key to successful treatment appears to be patience. Once you have decided on a certain medication give it time to work for you. The problem has built up over some time so will not disappear over night. The following factors do, however, appear to help beat acne:
(1) Get plenty of outdoor exercise.
(2) Get a good amount of sleep
(3) Cleanse your skin thoroughly
(4) Eat as little fat as possible.

Apply these suggestions to your life-style, find a good medication, apply it patiently and you will be able to beat acne.