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Virgos usually have strong work ethnics. They need order in their lives, and want things done in a methodical way. Virgos constantly examine and refine in order to improve existing systems. They can be considered a perfectionist, causing people around them to resist.

Virgos do not appreciate you pointing out their faults, they are almost always aware of them and can be their own worst critic. The ability to appreciate their own failings may make virgo modest, and they often validate their own self worth by being of service to others.

Ruled by Mercury and with the element of Earth, they are mostly Intelligent and discriminating, practical and capable organizers. They are usually very good with money and know the value of a dollar. They can also be very generous with time and money should their loved ones need assistance. Virgos, do expect the people they help to make an effort to help themselves. Virgos do not usually respond well to stupidity and have a logical mind. They want to bring order out of confusion as quickly as possible. Virgos are known to analyze the smallest details, but must gaurd against repitition over the same issues and failing to see the end answer.

Virgos have extremely high standards, and are often interesrted in cleanliness and nutrition and they usually promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Virgos strong sense of obligation and duty may bring upon themselves mental tension. Virgos may often take on more than they can handle. Virgos normally make wonderful employees, with their dislike of clutter they show extreme effiency.
In all, Virgos are dependable and sincere with a methodical approach to life. Virgos will always be pillars of practical, sensible support. In fact, Virgos will offer their help before you have even asked.