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When your toddler is able to understand the concept of using the toilet, it's time to begin potty training. This takes a lot of commitment on the part of the parent. Many parents give up too soon, believing that their child is not ready, when in fact they have not been consistent with taking their child to the bathroom.
A child should no longer be drinking from a bottle when toilet training. They should be drinking from a cup. Most toddlers drinking from bottles are taking in more liquid than is necessary for their diet. The parent must take the child to the bathroom much more often, and it becomes virtually impossible to predict when the child will have to go.
The child will need to be taken to the bathroom about every half hour until they realize what they are supposed to be doing. When they use the potty, especially for the first time, clapping and showing your approval is a must. Once they realize exactly what they are there for, it becomes just a matter of taking them often until they begin to tell you when they have to go.
There are some wonderful products out on the market to aid in toilet training. There are disposable underpants that have tear away sides. This makes it very convenient for clean up when there is an accident. Also, some of these disposable underpants have pictures that disappear when they become wet. This is a good incentive for the child to stay dry.
Training you child to stay dry at night will be the last hurdle in potty training. Drinks before bed should be limited, and it is a good idea to use a mattress protector. A diaper during the night would be fine since you will not be taking them to the bathroom.
Potty training does not have to be a bad experience. It will not be easy at first. It takes time and patience, but it can be used as a time to read books and sing songs. It can be a happy and rewarding time in the development of your growing toddler.