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When leasing a vehicle, there are several things you should do before you sign your John Hancock.

#1 Always have the vehicle inspected and make sure it is in fit running order. You can do this yourself, or have a mechanic inspect it for you.

#2 You should always read the fine print. Many companies will tell you one thing and mean the exact opposite. Salesmen are paid to sell cars, not tell the whole truth. If a salesman tells you he can give you $.05 per mile, make sure you get it in writing. Also, make sure whatever the salesman tells you goes along with the contract that you sign. If not, you will find out down the road that you just got jipped. Get it in writing!

#3 Find out how many miles a year you're allowed and how much each additional mile will cost you. Most companies have a flat rate they charge, but you can get a salesman to go lower.

#4 Find out how much your warranty will cover and for how long.

#5 If you plan on purchasing your leased vehicle once the lease is over, find out all the details that you will need in order to make that transfer as smooth as possible. Find out how much you will need to pay and how much your payments will cost you. Do the math and see if it's a good deal after all. In some cases, it isn't.

#6 Find out how long your contract will be for. Salesmen tell you that you HAVE to go for at least two years, but you don't. Discuss it and don't appear too eager. This only makes your salesmen less willing to haggle. If you appear like you might not want the vehicle, the salesman will do whatever he can to see you in that new car. Including, giving you the lease date that you want.

Just remember that it's your hard earned money going towards that vehicle. If you're not comfortable with the terms or you feel it isn't a good deal, don't feel you HAVE to sign the contract. Leasing isn't for everyone. Do follow the above tips and get the best possible deal for your money.