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In order to play the game of tennis it is important to have a tennis racquet. Each racquet is different from the next so it is important to pick out the best possible tennis racquet for yourself. There are many variations to a tennis racquet, like the size, price, hand-width, and weight. As you get older the type of racquet that is right for you will change. If you pick out the best possible racquet for yourself it will make the game of tennis a lot more fun.

The length of the racquet is probably the most important thing to look for when purchasing a tennis racquet. Most racquets are divided into junior and adult tennis racquets. The question is when is it time to change from a junior racquet to a regular size racquet? When you get to be about four feet tall it is time to switch from a junior racquet to a full size racquet. There are also extra long tennis racquets. These racquets are great for those who are taller and want to have bigger serves or those who aren’t quite that tall, but want more reach on their swing. That is how to pick the length of your next tennis racquet.

The width of the racquet usually tells you something about the weight of the racquet. There are normal racquets and then there racquets called profiles. Younger players (11-13) and older players (over 65) use a profile racquet. The profile are racquets are a lot wider than the normal racquet. They are also a lot lighter than the average racquet weight. If you are just starting out it is not a good idea to use a profile because the light weight of the racquet will give you some possible elbow problems.

When purchasing a racquet make sure you go with a player to make sure the grip of the racquet will not be too big or too small. A thick grip can be added to the racquet to change the grip size but there is only so much you can add. Strings will sometimes come with the racquet, but sometimes the racquets will not come strung. You will need to talk to the store where you buy the racquet at to negotiate some strings.

The racquets will be made of aluminum, graphite, titanium, hyper carbon, and some mixes. You will want to stay away from aluminum racquets because they tend to be too heavy. Titanium racquets are extra light but they are also extra expensive.

The best way to pick out a racquet is to play with it a couple times before you decide on the perfect one for you. Good luck, and have fun purchasing your next racquet.