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For some going away to school may mean sharing a room for the first time. For others college may simply be the first time you were on your own. Your parents are shipping you out of your comfortable bed to the hard mattresses of a jail cell dorm room. Here you will be expected to live with a complete stranger in perfect harmony. Although the thought of having someone unknown living with you for a year sounds a little unappealing you can be the sure the experience will help you deal with people for the rest of your life. Who knows you may become bitter enemies, but on the other hand you and your roommate could become best friends, or at least friends. To make the school year as easy as possible I suggest taking the friendship route. If your roommate bothers you at first then you must tell them. Communication is the key to living together peacefully.
The freshmen experience is supposed to be one of learning and growing and you and your roommate will have a lot to learn from each other. You may be in the same classes and can even study together at times. However, if you do not share classes ask about his/her classes, this will make your roommate open up to you and the overall room will seem happier, or less tense anyway. Another issue that needs to be discussed is trust. You just bought new clothes, a computer, and a bunch of other stuff and you want to make sure that no one messes with it. Of course you cannot do this unless you have security cameras in your room. So for the sake if getting along you must trust you roommate and realize they trust you just as much. Eventually you will begin sharing things and you won’t mind lending things out, or borrowing their stuff too. Finally, I think the most important rule of surviving dorm life is patience. Without patience living conditions become hostile and angry. No one wants to live in this scenario and you will quickly realize you need to get along for the year to reach its full potential.