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Becoming a better angler consists of three areas: APPROACH, ATTITUDE AND ENJOYMENT.

APPROACH- Keep it simple. Always try to recognize facts about angling. Salesmen design advertising and myths to sell products so separate fact from fiction. Fish don't think, they react to action. They react to the action of an injured minnow, to a fleeing frog or a slithering snake and fish react to a wriggling worm.

ATTITUDE- The identification of a successful fisherman is their smile. A smiling angler whether boat or shore fisherman will pass on information. The way for you to become a better angler is through information and communication. With good communication you trade information and experiences. When you are smiling you present a face a person can talk with. Other ways to have a better attitude is to join a fishing club, attend fishing seminars or if good enough enter a fishing contest. In these ways you communicate and receive information.

ENJOYMENT- Enjoyment is another part of your fishing foundation. There are some fishing trips that are nothing but hard work. With today's working schedules people squeeze many fishing excursions into a short time period and it becomes more work than fun. The best way to enjoy fishing is with the family or your cronies. Always plan the trip a week in advance. Have your bait, gear and lunch made the night before going. You are both there to catch fish. Fishing with the family takes the same preparation but for more than one person's whims. If you make it an enjoyable experience you get to go fishing more often. Let each person return with a fish story. The young want to show their catch, mom and sis might want to cook their catch after you clean them. Go fishing with the proper approach, attitude and you will enjoy.