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Virgo women have birthdays from August 23 to September 22.

These women have charming voices, and are good dressers with a natural sense of fashion. They have a cool, confident bearing and are likely to be very exclusive in the selection of friends. They like to appear well and desire to associate with upper classes. The nature of Virgo is very discriminating and their minds are both practical and analytical. They are not radical, but are very conservative in their opinions. Regardless of their formal education, they are often regarded as smart because of their good grammar and vocabulary. Intellectual superiority is one way they present their egotism, even though they may not have a high level of education. Their hopeful nature makes them undaunted by failure. While they are extremely sensitive, it is difficult to keep Virgo women down. Many statesmen, writers, and artists come from this sign. They have a quick and exact eye, which makes them talented in decorating and in making crafts.

Women of this sign are extremely fond of using their powers of analysis, observation, and discrimination. When something arouses their curiousity and whets their appetite for knowledge, there is no detail too small to escape them. Virgo women have ingenious ways of extracting information from other people without them being aware of what's going on until it's too late and they know all they want to know.

Virgo women have a strong maternal instinct and make devoted wives and mothers. They are among the best housekeepers, being precise to the point of fussiness. They delight in having their personal belongings and home furnishings tasteful and elegant.

A certain sweetness and purity lingers about their eyes and makes them intensely fascinating to men. The magnetism of Virgo women is very marked, and they rule absolutely when they gain influence over men. However, they do not give their hearts away easily. Virgo women have a critical and conservative nature that causes them to magnify flaws in others. In their love affairs they are apt to be sentimental and devoted. They expect to be affectionately lavished upon. In marital fidelity, they excel over any other sign.

Physically, Virgo women are ruled by their digestive organs. They can never eat food that is scorched or improperly cooked. They are discriminating and dainty eaters who instinctively choose a good diet. Worry and excitement affect their appetites. They usually don't get along with all their family members, and this discord causes them stress. Because of their nervous nature, they often find it difficult to relax at night, yet they need more rest than most in order to maintain good health. If their material affairs are upset, their health often suffers. Conversely, if they have material success, their health tends to be good. The best preventative medicine for Virgo women is pleasant and harmonious surroundings.

If they want to make the most of their abundant talents, Virgo women must seek to control their secretive and deceitful tendencies. When they criticize their own faults as severely as faults of others, they often learn to master them and go on to happier, more productive lives.