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Scorpio women have birthdays from October 24 to November 22.

Women under this sign have remarkable intellect and can readily adapt themselves to most any kind of work. Their minds are exceedingly progressive and they are always busy with new ideas. They are always ready with suggestions for the betterment of social and educational conditions and are eager to do their part to improve society. While brilliant conversationalists, Scorpio women have to guard against the tendency to be sarcastic. They are excellent at evading direct questions and are secretive in their plans. This is because they fear others will copy them. Their minds are active even when they sleep.

Scorpio women are strongly attracted to business ventures characterized by novelty, daring actions, and uncertainty. The more difficult and overwhelming the project, the greater its fascination for them. They thrive on planning and scheming. Yet they are not content with their own accomplishments and each victory simply spurs them on to further efforts in other fields. They seem to enjoy the struggle and stress of completing a project more than the completion of a task. Scorpio women make good government workers because they truly feel they were intended to hold positions of superiority over their peers and have others work under their direction. They are naturally hard workers and have much success in positions of authority and influence.

They tend to live within themselves and can do well without direct contact with other people. They are not easily coaxed or frightened. Their calmness and mental poise gives them much strength. They must fight a lifelong battle to use their friends to their own advantage. They seem to be congenial socially, but it is not easy to become more than a speaking acquaintance to them. Scorpio women have a pleasant attitude as long as they have something to gain from others. As soon as their friends cease to be useful, or the desired information is obtained, they toss them aside like a pair of gloves. Their personality is so magnetic they can often win back shabbily treated friends if they choose.

These women live comfortably and enjoy having the best of everything. Yet they are very economical and skilled at driving a hard bargain.

Scorpio wives cause their husbands much grief if the men neglect to give them the praise, flattery, and admiration which they crave. They must guard against secret affairs if their emotional needs are not met in marriage. These women need to tame their jealous streak and practice self control in order to have a good marriage. The happiest marriages are when the Scorpio and her husband are equal socially and intellectually.

Scorpio women have amazing vitality and are generally healthy. Most illness is caused by overindulgence. They must be moderate in their eating and drinking habits. It is best if they avoid alcoholic beverages and eat small amounts of red meat. It is also important that they be selective with sexual relations. Skin infections, heart ailments, and kidney problems are common among women of this sign. Being near water, especially at a beach, is very relaxing for them.

If Scorpio women can avoid jealous rages, scolding and fault finding, they can put their many talents to use and have a fulfilling life.