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Whether you decide to raise chickens for food, fun, or profit there is things you must know. You have to decide what kind of chickens you are going to raise. You must also decide on what type of confinement you are going to build. I have grown chickens on my farm for many years. I use them for meat and eggs. I also sell a lot of them for profit. Here is a few things you need to do.

1. First you will need to build some type of pen. Decide on how many you are going to raise and build a pen to suit your needs. Chickens do not need a lot of room, so it doesn't have to be huge. It just needs to offer them cover and protection from varmints.

2. If you purchase baby chickens you will need to have some heat lamps for them. The small ones can chill and die very easily.

3. You need to keep a source of clean water at all times. A small chicken waterer works well. Just make sure it is one that the small ones can't get in and drown.

4. Also a good feeder to keep their feed in.

Chickens grow very fast, so it doesn't take very long for you to have them up to size to produce eggs and meat for you. I suggest you buy a heavy breed if you are planning on using them for meat and eggs.

Raising chickens is very easy and thay are very cheap to feed. It doesn't take a lot of food for the chickens. They also will keep bugs and insects out of your yard, if you turn them out daily. Anyone can raise chickens, they are some of the easiest animals you can raise. If you and your family decide to raise chickens, I think you will all enjoy it. They are very fun to watch, plus they will provide you with food.