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Libra women have birthdays from September 23 to October 23.

By nature, these refined, gentle, kindhearted women are fond of entertainment and social activities. They are very popular with men and must work to curb their sexual appetite. Affection is the breath of life to them and they thrive with liberal praise and encouragement. Even though they usually receive several offers of marriage, Libra women have a strong sense of personal freedom and they should never marry until they have mastered themselves and learned to be more tolerant of others. For the marriage to succeed they must be willing to sacrifice some portion of their liberty and independence for the good of the couple. Libra women make devoted wives and mothers as well as loyal friends. They willingly sacrifice their comfort and financial resources for those they love. They cheerfully endure any hardship necessary for their family to be happy and well cared for. This extreme concern often causes them to get nervous headaches from worrying needlessly. If they live in an unhospitable situation they will become despondent or gloomy. Often they are unable to explain why they are "down in the dumps" when the cause is they are out of harmony with their environment.

Libra women show exceptional skill in any job requiring precision and insight into human nature. They readily acquire knowledge and can adapt well to many work situations. Their plans are usually carefully laid out and executed without regard to opinions and ideas from others. When confronted with a request for an explanation or justification for their actions, they are apt to lose their tempers. That's because they possess quick and inspirational insight, but often have difficulty explaining their ideas and methods to others. They excel in music, mathematics, metalwork, and sales. With their keen perception, they can also succeed as gamblers and in investments. They tend to be careless with their possessions because of their impatience and restlessness. When they experience financial trouble it is usually because they did not heed their first impression of a situation. When Libra women have important decisions to make, it is best for them to rise early in the morning and form their plans without influence from other people.

There are no kinder people than Libras. They are attracted to friends for their personalities and not ulterior motives such as social status. They are extremely hospitable and love to entertain. They thrive on the energy generated by crowds, such as those at sporting or musical events. The very openness and generosity of their friendships often causes them to waste their powers and strength. Libra women must learn to balance the scales and put their own needs on equal footing with needs of others. They must guard against taking up a new cause too quickly and letting their enthuasiasm absorb too much of their energy and money.

Libra is ruled by the back and kidneys and most ailments are in these areas. They are pleasure seekers and overindulgence in eating and an uncontrolled sexual urge can cause health problems. Plenty of fresh air, mild physical exercise, and a well balanced personal life are necessary for Libra women to maintain good health.