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Being the youngest of three children, I've had plenty of experience with the term known as 'sibling rivalry.' The competition, jealousy, and anger that is often displayed amongst siblings is usually normal, though it often causes parents to worry. Parents typically want to solve their child's problems by discovering the 'root of the problem.' This is one instance where parents should not intervene with their children, at least in most cases. A few ways parents can help ease sibling rivalry are to:

* Realize that every person is different. Not everyone can get along at all times. Yet parents often don't understand why their children argue. Children often spend the majority of a day together, and understandably become irritable. Just as spouse's need an occasional break from each other, so do children.
* Try to separate your children. Even 15 minutes of your undivided attention is priceless. You can connect with each other during this time, and also give your children some time away from each other. This also lets children know they are not competing for your attention.
* Don't constantly insist that your children share with each other. You are bound to listen to arguments such as, 'I had it first,' or 'It's my turn.' Instead of unintentionally provoking fights, set a timer or alarm clock, that lets your children know when to switch. ( This should only be a solution when your children have proven they aren't willing to share.)
* Don't be the mediator. Let your children work out problems on their own. This tactic helps them build their problem solving skills, and inadvertently brings them closer together.