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There are all sorts of seminars on how to be a better employee, how to create a better work environment, how to get along with co-workers. However, you never hear about a seminar that covers the proper details of how to let go, or in many cases fire, an employee.
Letting go of someone, or firing them, is never an easy task for most supervisors. Of course, there are those who get a thrill from it. For the rest though, it is not a thing to envy. Dropping the bomb on an employee is usually not the most desirable of job duties and cannot enhance the work enviroment.
But on the other hand, it has to be done at times and might as well as do it the proper way. What follows are some of the "do-nots" of giving an employee the axe.
Do not string them along in order to make them feel better. Telling someone to go home and await a phone call that will never come is as painful as watching your favorite pet being put to sleep. They don't teach that at the seminars though. Firing someone should be something that is quick and thorough. Leave no chance for doubt so that the employees, bosses and victims know the full detail of what has happened.
Do not tell an employee who is about to be fired that he has done a great job. Whether he has or not is absolutely of no matter since he is being fired anyway. His co-workers will begin to wonder whether they will be next on the chopping block and that does not contribute to a good working enviroment. If the victim was really doing that well, then why is he being fired? Is the new goal of the company to hire as many bad employees as it can?
Do not try to make them feel better by saying that you will always remember them and their hard work. The victim will be forgotten by their bosses, co-workers, and just about everyone as soon as they walk out the door. Let's keep it realistic please.