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Kelly loves her husband. After ten years together, their marriage has become a routine. She tried to talk to her husband about spicing things up a bit, but both of them are usually too busy and too tired to get imaginative. Kelly decides to impress her husband with a surprise. She wonders what inexpensive thing she could do for her husband.

One thing all couples can improve upon is communication skills. Make eye contact with your spouse and observe his body language. Nod your head in agreement and interject an occasional “I see” or “Yes.” A gentle touch on his arm conveys emotional connection and support. Avoid trying to fix his problem, unless he asks for your opinion. Do not criticize or scoff. Make positive comments a habit.

One surprise is to wash his car (make sure he is the kind of person who will not mind). While he’s taking a nap or golfing with his friend, clean his travel machine inside and out. Use products specially designed for the dashboard and white sidewall tires. A wax job on the exterior will complement a bow placed on the hood (do not use tape).

If you are not a sports fan but your husband is, follow the performance of his favorite team with him. Watch games with him on television and learn about different plays and scoring opportunities. If he has to miss a game because of work, watch it yourself and tell him about it or record it on the VCR.

Have an iron? Iron his work attire. Even permanent press shirts and slacks look better ironed. That crisp, pressed effect can be applied to casual clothes, too. Thick cotton t-shirts take on a new appearance when ironed. If they have decals on them, turn them inside out to iron. They will look great!

Kelly knows her husband likes to look sharp at the office. He takes good care of his suits, but his shoes are scuffed and dull. While he is out at the movies with the kids, Kelly gets his shoes from the closet. She cleans them and replaces the frayed laces. After two coats of shoe polish, Kelly buffs them to a bright shine. She is impressed herself with the results! She notices his golf shoes and does the same thing to them. Kelly places the shoes out where he will notice them when he gets home. Who knows? He may be so impressed that Kelly receives an unexpected surprise herself!