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Gemini women have birthdays from May 21 to June 20.

Gemini women are very sympathetic and a source of great comfort to friends and family. They are considerate of others, and prove to be very generous and warm hearted when others need their time or money. They are genial, warm hearted, courteous, and refined. However, Gemini is the sign of the twins, meaning these women can have troublesome extremes in their behavior due to their dual nature. They must constantly guard against tendencies to be sharply critical of others.

Gemini women are natural skeptics. They do not believe all they hear, and irrevocable proof is necessary to convince them. This suspicious nature often keeps them from trusting others and developing close relationships. They are very sociable, but do not like organized clubs or groups.

Gemini women are very affectionate and upset easily if their affection is not returned. They seldom marry at a young age. When they do marry, it is best if they pick a mate with patience and a great sense of humor. They enjoy homemaking and create wonderful homes for their families. Most have superior skills when it comes to using their hands, and they enjoy displaying their handiwork in their homes. They are fond of beauty in art and in nature.

Women of this sign have a natural tendency to be restless and unsettled and this can cause them a lot of grief if it isn't mastered. They are inclined to see their glasses as "half empty" instead of "half full." If Gemini women associate with tranquil, thoughtful people it helps them tame their personalities. Many Gemini women are deeply religious, and it calms them to read about religion and philosophy. Those who conquer their faults have lives with tranquility and much happiness because they become magnetic and powerful.

As a rule, Gemini women seek knowledge and are avid readers. Their brilliant and creative minds are attracted to higher education, but they often switch majors if they attend college.

Gemini make excellent, well informed businesswomen. They often enter partnerships in business and have two different occupations at the same time. Many succeed as artists, writers, and other careers requiring manual dexterity, mental alertness, and a vivid imagination. Their high strung nervous temperament keeps them from sticking to any one task for too long and they must master the tendency to leave unfinished work. They can be easily swayed by fads. Confinement and close study is very irksome to Gemini women, who require a great deal of physical activity while they work. Gemini women have great intelligence and many skills. Only their lack of self esteem and confidence keeps them from developing their powers of concentration. They can earn good incomes, but often spend money seeking new enterprises or excitement. It is usually middle age before they learn to save money.

Illness often occurs in the shoulders, arms, hands, and respiratory system. They are often prone to bronchial infections and asthma. Many had speech impediments as children. Nervous disorders are brought on by their restless nature. Gemini women benefit greatly from walking and breathing exercises, which reduce stress while strengthening their respiratory systems.