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Well we have all had our share of fast food at any given time in our hetic lives. I've along with my accomplice, so to speak humorously, visited several fast food establishments over a period of a couple of weeks. All in all we liked not having to cook which was good for both of us. Some of the places were good and others were fair. There was even one that was borderline bad.

I'd like to start off with Arby's off of 5th Street Highway in Muhlenburg. They have excellent food quality and never a shortage of meat in their sandwiches. Thier toppings are fair: pickles, onions, arby sauce, ketchup, horse radish. I guess tomatoes would be out of the question. As for drive thru, speed of service tends to vary due to traffic volume depending on time of day. Now eating inside the restaurant, they do attend to your needs on a timely manner and waiting in line also depends time of day. Overall, I give Arby's a grade of B.

Next there is KFC also of the same location as Arby's but at seperate ends of the parking lot. Over the years I use to like the way they made their food but things have gone down hill a bit. The coating on the chicken I had wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, it was a little on the greasy side. Personally I recommend staying away from the corn for those who truly love corn. It seems the corn tastes like it had been left under heating lamp for about a day and a half. The mashed potatoes were fair and I liked the stuffing. I give KFC a grade of C-.

I've never really had much trouble with Burger King. The drive thru is fair depending on what time you go. The cashier was nice enough to let my companion change a part of our original order and was helpful in making sure we were satisfied. And before I forget, this particular restaurant I went to was off of Route 61 near Leesport. All in all the meal was quite good and was hot when we got it. Now I have been inside this place on several occasions and the do keep the place neat and clean. I give Burger King a grade of A.

Well I've visited Wendy's off of 5th Street Highway in a round about same location as KFC and Arby's. I've been inside the place and found it to be claen, the service to be good and the food to be good. As for the drive thru, I didn't care for the way the drive thru was set up. For one the path cut thru a parking lot and then leaving the window in which you pay and go to the window to get your meal, well turning the corner is tough. If you have a large vehicle this drive thru would not be recommended. As for the service, the cashier was quite friendly and helpful. And as a customer, I don't mind hearing someone tell me to have a good day and actually mean it. I give Wendy's a grade of B.

Ah, I am sure that lots of you have at one time or another have visited Taco Bell. This is one that is opposite in location from Wedny's. Their drive thru is fair and the service is good. Now I've been inside the restuarnat on a few occasions. As a customer, being able to see into the food preparation area, I was a tad nervous to find all kinds of debris under their counters. But seeing that I've never gotten sick off their food. . . .I went ahead and ordered. The service was excellent and the food as I have had before, was good. I give Taco Bell a grade of B.

Last but certainly not least, there's McDonald's. . . .also off of 5th Street Highway in same location as the other restaurants mentioned. The times I've gone in to eat, my order had been screwed up at least two different times. I'd say the service at best is fair. The food has been good with little or no exception. As for the drive thru, there was an occasion in which it was 3 minutes before 11 a.m. Now my companion had worked at McDonald's before and knew their cooking schedule well. We were given a hard time because we were ordering lunch under the assumption that a lousy 3 minutes wouldn't make a difference. I guess we were wrong. I give McDonald's a grade of D. You guys need to listen closely to your customers. After all, the customer is always right.

After visiting these aforementioned restaurants, I'd have to say the best one was Arby's. I know some of you may disagree with my finding in some way. But I am mearly making a suggestion based on my experiences of visiting these fast foods restaurants. So all I can say is have fun when you go out to eat. Personally I find eating out to be better than cooking sometimes. So good eating everyone.