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You can add a cute decor to your bathroom that is very inexpensive to make and it will smell good, too.

The tools that you will need to complete this project are:
a washcloth
felt for fins
oval shaped scented soap
piece of raffia
moveable eyes
glue gun
square bar of soap

Place the oval soap on the washcloth just to one side of the center. Fold the washcloth in half covering the soap. Take both ends of the folded side and bring them together inside the folded washcloth.

Gather the washcloth around the soap and tie with the piece of raffia. Trim close to the knot. Cut a circle of felt slightly larger than the moveable eye, glue the felt to the washcloth and the eye to the felt. Repeat with the other eye.

Cut three fins from felt. Glue one to the top of the fish and the other two to each side of the bottom of the fish. Make the stand by pushing the skewer through the bottom of the fish. Push the other end through the flat side of the other bar of soap and there you have it a touch of the ocean that smells good.